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Sunday, January 10, 2010

With Parents like these...

Well I'd like to start this post off with a public Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents William and Juanita White, 25 years of wedded bliss (and a Happy Birthday to Pop...48 years and looking great!)

Now that that's out of the way let's chat for a moment about the sacrifices parents make for their children. Mine just made a tremendous investment in the betterment of my career and words can never really express how thankful I am to them for it...my dream is to one day be so successful that the two of them will never have to know what the word "No" sounds like again...

I'm not sure if you've read in my "about me" but I am also a singer. As of resent I've been working towards writing and recording new music with the intent of "making it" Just as things were going a little too great...I've started upon some road blocks as of recent and have found myself in a bit of a bind when it comes to studio access (although I have a mac w/ Garage band installed on it...the sound quality still said "this was made in a basement...don't you hear it?"

I've never liked to depend on others when it comes to things I want to accomplish so I thought the answer was simple. "Just buy a quality mic and you can record at home with higher quality sound". Simple enough, but who would have known that the higher quality sound had a veeeeerrrrrrrry steep price tag at Sam Ash Music Stores. Not only would I need a mic, but I'd also need an interface (used to transfer sound from the studio mic onto your computer), and of course a stand, and even new "studio headphones" to gage my progess. And to top it off...I found out that my Garage Band wouldn't be enough...for "studio quality sound" I'd have to use what producers use in the studio....PRO TOOLS.

With a heavy heart, I was prepared to walk away from it all until I could save up enough in order to get it without significantly depleting my savings. But guess who stepped in on my behalf?!
God (of course) but he used the people that brought me into this world in the first place....

I've started playing around with my new equipment and find that it's not at all as hard as I thought initially (I've even started recorded one of the songs that I just wrote earlier in the week...*expect to hear it soon*) Again I am truly thankful for my parents and feel that now more than ever before, I owe them my continued hard work and dedication because when people believe in you, you've got no other choice than to deliver.

Lesson: If you place so many aspects of your life in the hands of others, can you really get upset when things don't go your way? If you have the opportunity to do something on your own as opposed to having to wait until someone is "ready" to work with you why not take it? The people closest to you just may be the only ones you need to get you to that point too...so don't be afraid to lean on your loved ones for a moment so you can stand on your own in the long run.


  1. Words are insignificant to explain how proud I am of you! The skills you possess are unlike any person I have ever known. Though stumbling blocks exist, God showed you if you stick with Him, the red carpet will be laid for you as you achieve your goals. As always I am here for you if or whenever you need me and you are always in my thoughts in prayers! Hugs & Kisses


  2. God is so AMAZING! Matthew 7:7-12 As long as you keep pursuing God and keeping him first he will always give you your hearts desires and then some!!! Don't give up on God cause' he wont give up on you...HE IS ABLE!