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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play Hard...Work Harder...


        Well remember how I mentioned before that the benefit of a new day is the opportunity to make up for what you didn't do the previous one? Today has been precisely that. The entire day was spent completing my "mailings" [When you're serious about becoming a working actor or model one of the first goals is to secure representation in your field...and the only way to do that (like with any other job) is to "apply" and in this business that's done by sending out copies of your headshot, resume, and cover letter tailored specifically to the recipient (an agent or casting director....but in my case both). Later in the day I'll have to spend a little time in Kinkos in order to prep everything for packaging. If you're reading this and thinking "dang that sure does look hard"....well it is!....but guess what? I'm not the first person who's had to do it, and I certainly won't be the last.

Lesson: Everything worth having is worth working for. When you think that you "can't" do something, just remember all the people who "can" do it as you sit there and "think".

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