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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


    Where have you guys BEEN?! It's been MONTHS!! cmoooooon!!! (lol). Well this post is just to inform you all that I have decided that in 2011 I will (no matter how difficult) post something here at LEAST once a month! (holds for applause)....

Okay Okay okay....

Since I last talked to you all I've done SOOOO much living!! I've discovered I'm allergic to EVERYTHING and what I thought had been colds that sneak up on me year round were REALLY allergic reactions! I got a job!! I quit my job!! I made it through 4 rounds of auditions for season 10 of American Idol. Jennifer Lopez says I have a beautiful smile. Randy Jackson says I have a good voice!! I got CUT from being in the running for American Idol. I was devastated. I read "The Alchemist". I realized that God's hand is everywhere in my life and started to look at the bigger picture of things. I've continued my vocal lessons (which I started up DAYS after I made it through the first round of Idol). I've found a great deal of freelance opportunities (thank GOD). I was accepted into the SAE Institute in NYC to study to become an audio technician (so I can produce all my own music). I went to see Black Swan. I decided to put school on hold for now in light of some new advances on the audition sector (none of which I can really talk about yet)...but they're BOTH verrrrrrry good!! I created my own website www.willwhiteonline.com I discovered David Bowie, Billy Idol, and Boy George, and became a fan. And I moved!!! (to a new beautiful and swank studio in Newark, NJ)...it oozes inspiration. 

(my new house...there's a CRAZY view of NYC)

Welp that was the fast forwarded version of it all (who knows MAYBE I'll dive into details on another day...but right now...I can't bring myself to do it (it's 2:43am).  

Anyway...I love you all so much and want to thank you for being patient with me!!

2011...Let's DO this!!

LESSON: It's never too late to do what you set out to do...