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Monday, March 4, 2013

3486 for sale on Itunes NOW!!!!

You GUYS!!!! 

3486 has FINALLY hit itunes!!!

I'm sooooooo excited!

WHAT a HECK of a birthday present to me!!

If you want to just go ahead and BUY it NOWWWWW!!

or If you wan to stream it for FREE beFORE you buy it...HERE's the link!!

I love you guys!!

God is GREAT to me...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Joe Cocker Cover!!

Hey Hey Hey!!

       So here I am AGAIN!! Being that Hollywood Week on Idol and the official release of my first project '3486' are quickly at hand, I just wanted to share a little something with you guys. If you can't tell my now, I'm heavily influenced by rock vocalists and one of my favorites of the genre has always been the incomparable Joe Cocker. His tone and passion has always been something that I've admired. In turn, here's MY own personal take on one of his hits "You Are So Beautiful".

Hope you like it!





Saturday, January 19, 2013

Will White does EnVogue (Omnichord cover)


Decided to share a candid studio moment from the initial recording phases of my project "3486". Here's  how the story goes...

I sat down with my co-producer Jammal Day and we listened over all of the demo pieces of music I had brought in.

The first song in particular used a retro, synth-y sound he'd never heard before...

So I tell him "I did it on my omnichord..." (I'll share the story of how I GOT/ came across it some other time...lol)

Met with a "What's that?!"...

I took it out, and told him I'd play a little something...

And voila!!

I'm CAUGHT chord handed singing MY take on EnVogue's hit, 

"What's it Gonna Be"

Here it is...

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And NOW the world Premier of the first single off my new album "3486", coming soon to iTunes...this ladies and gentlemen is...ANIMAL

Follow the link here!!!

And as promised....here is a peek at the Track Listing for "3486"

Every song is an original piece written and composed by myself. I'm so excited to now be able to share at least a PIECE of it with the world!


Tell me what you think!!!