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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Game Time

First off...let me start with a "Gooooooooo SaiiiiinnnnnntSS!!" Congratulations to a well deserving team and a city that couldn't be stopped, even on the heels of tragedy.

      But now that the trophy's been pumped in the air a bit...it's back to reality. And in my reality, there's a new horizon coming into view ever so quickly. Well I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but as you know I'm an actor as well, and I've recently been cast as the lead in a new 3 act production here in the city called "B.U.M.M. University". A rather exciting production that follows the rise of a star with an urban spin. About a week ago I finally received the script. At that point it became real, like "Whoa...I'm in a play..." then I read it and was like "Whoa...I'm STARRING in a play...with 3 acts". Since this is the first show that I booked since my arrival in the city (and furthermore...the first audition that I had gone on since getting here as well) PRESSURE couldn't even begin to describe my feeling as the date of our first reading (Feb. 11) quickly ensues. The confidence of "Dang I booked the first joint I auditioned for!" rapidly fades when you realize that now it's time for the real work. I've even started working with an acting coach here in the city by the name of Anthony Abeson, or A-Money as I like to call him (he prefers it to Mr. Abeson) all in preparation to "hit em hard".
      I have no other options but to "show up", this is an excellent start for me...but it's just THAT....a START...this play could mean so much if I "do [my] thing" loads of exposure, experience, and what every fledgling actor hopes for...REPRESENTATION (management)! So it's clear I've got my work cut out for me. In turn, I've already read the play from cover to cover twice...now it's time to go back and get some memorization down...and really study my character (Eric). At the reading I'm probably not expected to be perfect...but I'm aiming to be as close to it as possible...I want to show these people that they didn't make a mistake when they hired me. So...as they say, I'll have to go hard or go home. Just like the Saints earlier this evening...I've got a huge endeavor ahead of me and I'm not trying to go into unprepared...I've got to work!

Lesson: Challenges in life are good...that's the point of living...to have "firsts"....and honestly once you run out of them, what's life really worth anymore? where's the excitement? The best you can do is to DO THE BEST YOU CAN. When you want something to go in your favor...you've gotta show yourself worthy of that favor.