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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

*Photos by Sloan*

Well I suppose my first post should be a little about what I'm doing at the moment. So I'm a graduate of Howard University and just moved back stateside after living in South Korea for 13.5 months. I recently packed up my life in Charlotte, N.C. where my parents live and moved up to the city on Halloween Day.  Now I'm pursuing acting and commercial modeling which has proven to be a great feat. Initially I was completely shell shocked and relied on the help of "Google" to tell me all I needed to know. Unfortunately though, I was ALL wrong. With the help of friend, Sasha Sloan, I was able to revamp my whole approach and am now geared up to set out in the right direction. I've got new headshots, a new resume, and an even newer cover letter.
Fortunately enough, though, my first month of work wasn't all in vain, as it allotted me two gigs that will be starting in the new year. I'll be starring in a production entitled B.U.M.M. University and also have been selected as on of the new hosts for N.Y. Cable Access Channel show, Independent Links. I am truly blessed and can't wait for the next thing to happen for me.

Lesson: When you notice that what you're doing isn't necessarily working as quickly as you want it to...it's time to rethink your approach.


  1. Oh Will! I love you and I'm SO proud of you! You betta be a go-getta! :o)

    -- Veronica.

  2. Thanks V!!! You know I may be hitting you up about this whole "how to maintain a blog" thing...cuz I know you've got the experience!