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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Will White does EnVogue (Omnichord cover)


Decided to share a candid studio moment from the initial recording phases of my project "3486". Here's  how the story goes...

I sat down with my co-producer Jammal Day and we listened over all of the demo pieces of music I had brought in.

The first song in particular used a retro, synth-y sound he'd never heard before...

So I tell him "I did it on my omnichord..." (I'll share the story of how I GOT/ came across it some other time...lol)

Met with a "What's that?!"...

I took it out, and told him I'd play a little something...

And voila!!

I'm CAUGHT chord handed singing MY take on EnVogue's hit, 

"What's it Gonna Be"

Here it is...

Hope you like it!


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