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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fools Rush In....

Well....guess who's baaaaaaack?! Me...that's who. A couple of things have happened since my last post. For starters I was able to take some pictures of some fashion shows during New York fashion week, which was pretty fun all around!

I would have to say, however, that the biggest change is.....I'm a year older...yep that's right on March 4th 24 years ago Juanita and William White brought yours truly into this world. I would say that this year felt much more different than any other. This year everything is...NEW...I'm finally pursuing my dreams and don't have too  much of anything concrete going on...which can always be nerve wrecking yet at the same time the most exciting thing you'll ever experience. Ultimately, the unknown is truly that....UNKNOWN!

I decided that it was time for me to put up or shut up....literally. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I also sing and write my own music. In addition to those budding talents, I've also taken up the arduous task of teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar. For a while people had been mentioning "why don't you post videos" or "why don't you go to open mics?!". My mental answer would always be "Why don't YOU?!"...."Yeah...frickin' you do it!".  Really I'd kept telling myself that maybe I just wasn't ready to "go there" yet....and sadly enough was more than content with that. As 24 came rushing up though, I knew my "not ready" days were coming to a close. So finally I decided (in true Will White form) to pick a song, learn it, and record myself singing and playing it then release the video on Youtube, Facebook, and of course my blog at midnight on March 4th. Why not start off this new year of age the right way.

And so....that's what I did....so here you are...


(p.s. playing the guitar and singing at the same time...not easy at ALL...I barely know how I made it through the whole thing...There's sooooo many motor skills at work simultaneously...it's like taking the SATs while jumping rope....but I guess practice makes perfect...so it can only get better I suppose...)


Lesson: You can't be so scared to try something new because of what people might say. You'll never KNOW what they say until you give them a chance to say something.

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